Infinite Interpretations provides qualified interpreters for a wide range of interpreting situations and clients, including individuals who are Deaf/Blind, late deafened, users of foreign signed languages, or limited language skills.


Interpreter Qualifications

Our certified and professionally screened interpreters are personally committed to adhere to a professional code of ethics. We assign interpreters with consideration for the specific communication requirements of each assignment. Whenever possible, we give attempt to honor personal preferences for specific individual interpreters.

Billing Policy

Fees depend on a variety of factors, including type of interpreting service provided, location of the assignment, number of interpreters used, and lead time of request. After receiving your request, we will provide you with a quote for the cost of services. Any required purchase orders or payment authorizations must be supplied prior to confirmation of interpreter services.

A two-hour minimum will be charged for all requests; travel fees may be added depending on location. To avoid incurring a cancellation fee, one-time assignments must be cancelled no later than two business days prior to the scheduled service. Cancellation fees will be based on the interpreter time originally reserved. For ongoing or multiple-day assignments, please contact us for details of the cancellation policy. For any further questions regarding rates and/or billing policy, please feel free to contact us.

Privacy Policy

Infinite Interpretations adheres to a policy of strict confidentiality. Each request and assignment is kept completely confidential. Any information you provide to us will be used solely for the purpose of processing your interpreter request.