Infinite Interpretations came about in response to a demand for expanded options for fulfilling interpreter requests in the Greater Boston area. Satisfied customers include a variety of businesses, hospitals, and educational institutions. We are gratified to be able to simplify the interpreter-request process for these customers, all the while maintaining high consumer satisfaction with our interpreting services.

The company is owned and operated by Melanie Daly, a nationally certified sign language interpreter with decades of experience in the field. She has family members who are Deaf and is actively involved in the Deaf community locally and nationally, giving her the first-hand experience to understand and accommodate the many different communication styles found among people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Infinite Interpretations can provide qualified interpreters for a wide range of interpreting situations and clients, including individuals who are Deaf/Blind, late deafened, users of foreign signed languages, or possessing limited language skills.

We understand that productivity in business, quality of life in healthcare situations, and personal advancement and fulfillment through education can be successfully achieved only when communication access is provided. Through our network of qualified interpreters, we are pleased to provide this accessibility.


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