These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of Infinite Interpretations, our interpreters, and why you need an interpreter. They provide basic information about how much interpreting services cost and how to request and interpreter.


What is an interpreter?

An interpreter is an individual who can take one spoken or signed language (with all its cultural and syntactical nuances) and render it into a different spoken or signed language.


Why do we need an interpreter?

An interpreter can provide the communication solution in situations that require the clear, unambiguous exchange of information between Deaf and non-signing hearing people. Hiring interpreters to facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing individuals also gives businesses and other public agencies a way to meet their legal obligation to provide accommodations that will assure equal access to information and services for people with disabilities.


How much do interpreting services cost?

The cost of interpreting services in a particular situation depends on several factors, including location, lead time of interpreter request, number of interpreters needed, and any special skills or qualifications required. Quotes for specific events can be obtained by contacting Infinite Interpretations.


Who pays for interpreting services?

The agency, business, or other entity that requests and hires an interpreter typically pays for the services provided.


How do I request an interpreter?

You may request an interpreter by using our online request form, which is the fastest way to get your interpreter request into our system. We can also be reached by phone at (781) 581-1055, V/TTY.